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First United Methodist Church
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First UMC, Waverly
Strategic Plan 2013 – 2015

Approved July 30, 2013, Version 4.0


This Strategy Plan comes within the context of the historic and ongoing ministry of First United Methodist Church.  The foundation of this Strategic Plan is rich and strong ministries already in place that nurture the congregation and reach out to the wider community.  Some of the objectives of this Strategic Plan supplement established and ongoing activities.  In addition, some objectives provide new opportunities for mission and ministry by, for, and through the congregation of First United Methodist Church of Waverly.


Form new teams as needed and utilize existing committees to accomplish stated goals.



Recruitment Goal for new teams:

The target membership for the new teams will be persons that are not currently a part of the current leadership core.  As the plan states, we will “use the church directory to intentionally expand our list of who we make contacts with when seeking” new teams members(Goal I, Obj. 1) Place team sheets on Sanctuary windows after initial team members have been secured.  This will allow members to sign up to a team of their choice.



Our prayer is to secure participation by at least 90% of our church community during the year. Participation is defined by attending worship at least quarterly and being active in a committee, circle, group, or team within the life of the church. This will be tracked in office with semi-annual report to the Church Council in May and November.