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Finance Committee

The Committee will meet the third Tuesday of the even months at 7 PM.  The chair will meet with the Pastor each month of the year. Responsibilities: Review Financials and provide feedback to various Committee Chairs regarding particular items of concern.   Mission Shares will be paid monthly unless advised otherwise by the Finance Committee.  Stewardship focus for the congregation will be reviewed at each meeting.  Finance members will make phone calls connected to the Stewardship Drive each November.  Other church members will be recruited to do likewise.  Finance Committee will oversee an annual audit of the church books. In addition, the Committee will attend to other responsibilities as noted in the UM Book of Discipline. 

Financial Secretaries, Rick Van Gerpen and DeLynn Hay are ad hoc members of the Finance Committee



Bill Landon
Katie Dettman
Wayne Trout


Adam Parrish-Chair

Jerry Chrastil 

Michelle Looky